Maternal health equity enabled by personalized data analytics​

Thanzius is developing predictive analytics SAAS to help non-invasively identify those at high risk of developing pregnancy-associated hypertension early enough to begin preventive therapy and improve outcomes even in low-access settings.

U.S. maternal death rates have been increasing for over 20 years. The majority of these deaths are preventable.


of preeclampsia cases go undetected using ACOG screening guidelines for administering preventive therapy

There are significant racial and rural disparities in maternal health which are unaccounted for in existing strategies for risk stratifying hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

How do we make high risk pregnancies safer?

  • Risk screening for pregnancy-associated hypertension before the first symptoms appear
  • Allow for early preventive care and data-informed care plan that improves outcomes
  • Patient-specific risk assessment for patients who present for care late in pregnancy
  • Improved resource allocation based on accurate prediction of patient trajectory
  • Algorithms use information already in patients’ medical records
  • We’re working to enable standardized screening across providers & healthcare systems
  • Risk assessments based on patients’ individual biology and history for the individual pregnancy
  • Unbiased algorithms trained to accurately predict risk for all patients
  • Empowers generalists and non-physician obstetric providers in low-access and rural settings to decide which patients to escalate
million U.S. women live in maternity deserts
Annual fetal deaths from pregnancy- associated hypertension